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[IP] wiggly metal arms


I have a MM507C which is well past its warranty. I haven't been inclined to 
try to get a newer pump,  but now I'm noticing something unfamiliar. The 
little metal arm which comes down over the luer neck of the reservoir has 
become quite wiggly and loose, rather than comfortingly firm. The two metal 
arms which operate the reservoir's plunger are also loose and the reservoir 
seems inclined to twist and move inside of its chamber. Has anyone seen 
this occur, and did you feel like the pump continued to deliver insulin 
accurately despite its looseness? Since this has begun I've begun showing 
some unexplained highs pretty often...why, this morning I woke up over 300 
for absolutely no reason I could figure out. I'd be inclined to blame 
myself and my stress levels, but now I'm wondering. Anyone observe wiggly 
arms and a co-incident lack of accurate delivery in their pumps? I figured 
you guys would know more than the MM tech support folks, though today I'll 
call them too and tell you what they say.

Thanks as always for all your combined wisdom and encouragement...good to 
know you're out there.

Laura G.
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