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Re: [IP] Bolus Wizard: overaccounts for 'still active' insulin?

For me, I can guarantee you that after 2.5 hours, the humalog has done 
all it is going to do.  The only exception to that, for me, is if the 
original bolus was astronomically large.

For the case in question, I went ahead and gave a correction bolus that 
I thought was sufficient.  2.5 hrs after that, I was 119 and held it 
through the night.  I guess my point is that the bolus wizard isn't the 
end all be all -- and that specifically the accounting for unused 
insulin, for me, seems too agressive!


> If you have your ratios programmed in, then I would go for what the 
> wizard
> is saying. I've been high too sometimes, and the wizard says I don't 
> need
> any. Most of the time I am back to normal a little while later. I feel 
> like
> I'm not chasing my sugars around the block all the time.
> 2.5 hours after eating isn't that long to really get a good idea of 
> where
> you might stand..
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