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[IP] Wizard Boluses

.....Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:54:51 -0700
From: Susan Fisher <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Bolus Wizard: overaccounts for 'still active' insulin?

Anyone else feel that way?  For example, if I am 400 2.5 hours after my 
last bolus, I personally still feel that I need a heck of a lot of 
insulin.  For the case in question, it decided I needed only a .2 
correction.  I know myself, and I knew I needed 3.0 and gave that 

I understand it's only an estimate, but in the case of taking into 
account "still active" insulin, it seems this thing WAY lowballs the 
estimate.  Maybe that's just a way of minimed covering their asses by 
not advising too high of corrections?

Susan, I have been on the Paradigm for a big total of 6 days.   I am amazed
already...My understanding is that the wizard is set to bolus for your carbs
at whatever ratio YOU/or PT set in the system.   I have noticed that at 2
hours after a meal I am at 170 and think I need a bolus, and the pump says
"0" bolus.....when I over ride it and give myself .6 or so units....I always
go low in an hour or so.  If I leave it alone, I will be fine by next
mealtime.  The pump is smarter than I am.  

Sometimes I get angry when my BG is higher than I think it should be and I
"over bolus" in my anger.  I know, I know.....but my emotional side does not
have the maturity of my age....62.    What I am saying is, if you are at 400
2.5 hours after a meal, you might need to increase your carb to insulin
ration for that particular time of day. That is what the bolus is based on.
Prior to hooking up, I had done a repeat test of how many units it takes for
each carb unit I consume, and for how much my bgs drop per unit of insulin.
This is the wizards rule book.  Talk to your Pump trainer about it.  
Bonnie from Bama  
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