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Re: [IP] Re: 8 year old with diabetes not letting it cramp her style

> Is anyone else tired of headlines like "8 year old with diabetes not
> letting it cramp her style"?  Like that's such an amazing concept, or like
> the author thinks most kids with diabetes would just be laying in their
> beds all day, too sick to do anything.  Maybe I'm just being
> but it's always grated on my nerves a bit when "human interest" stories
> about people with diabetes are presented like that -- as if it's such an
> inspiration that someone with diabetes would actually also be able to have
> a happy, active life.

well, it appears to be either the "oh look, this cute kid is managing
his/her disease" or "oh look at the poor kid who's managing his/her
disease".  i saw a few news spots in the past year where they're talking
about diabetes stuff, like that big clunky arm BG tester (don't know the
name of it, and can't remember the details), and they inevitably have a kid
under the age of 10 talking about how tough it is to have to test the blood
several times a day, or to give themselves needles, etc.  i get pretty
annoyed both because of the tone (the poor kid tone) and because it only
ever shows kids.   same thing with any commercial when they have a type 1
diabetic - it's never an adult, it's always a kid, dx'd 2 years ago, or
something similar.  no wonder so many people immediately assume that if
you're a diabetic in the adult years, you must have type 2.  it's as though
the kids with diabetes don't grow up or something, they just disappear at
the end of adolescence, or maybe after college.   sheesh!

</rant off>

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