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Re: [IP] Re: Junior High Dance...

> As has been mentioned, having water and diet soda available at the dance
> would probably be appreciated by many students, not just your daughter!  I
> don't think this is asking for unrealistic "special treatment" for your
> daughter, and it's definitely not an attempt to change the whole world for
> her.  It's just a basic consideration that the school really should be
> doing anyway.  Your daughter should not have to go without drinks for the
> whole dance.  Is she supposed to eat the pizza and popcorn (both salty
> foods) and have nothing to "wash them down" with?
> Anyway, for me, I pretty much never drink sugary/carby drinks (regular
> soda, juice, etc.).  I know I could bolus for them, but I'd probably still
> get a blood sugar spike, and plus I just have no desire to consume that
> quantity of sugar and calories in my drink!  If I'm going to splurge and
> have something sweet, I'd much rather it be actual FOOD!  :-)

i agree.  it's true that she could just drink water or bring in her own
drinks, but why exclude her on something that is so easy to include her in?
it won't cost them any more to buy the diet pop than the regular pop either.

i was just watching the national (news show on the cbc up here in canada)
and they had a spot on how more schoolboards around canada are wanting to
get rid of the coke and pepsi vending machines.  either that or have more
water or *real* juice choices in the machines.  this is response to the
rapid rise in overweight and obese kids, as well as some concern over how
much caffeine the kids are injesting.  i think they said that one can
(355ml) of regular pop has around 150 calories, all from sugar.
one of the trustees (or maybe he was a school employee?) said that he wanted
the vending machines entirely out of the school.  students could then walk
to the store if they wanted a pop, which, as he said, would at least mean
they'd be getting a bit of exercise. :)
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