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[IP] Re: Junior High Dance...

>Lauren HATES regular soda (I Know I could just
>tell her to bolus for it). Should I just let it go and tell her to skip the
>drinks, or should I call and explain why they might want diet there? Lauren
>feels kind of upset about it . . . curious what you would do. I know I
>Cannot change the whole world for her.

I would definitely call the school and tell them they need to provide some 
form of non-caloric drink (water and/or diet soda).  IMO, diet soda really 
should be provided -- after all, if all the other kids can have a soda at 
the dance, your daughter should be able to also!  Explain to them that your 
daughter's diabetes is a much more real health concern than whatever 
unproven theory some teacher might have about artificial sweeteners causing 

As has been mentioned, having water and diet soda available at the dance 
would probably be appreciated by many students, not just your daughter!  I 
don't think this is asking for unrealistic "special treatment" for your 
daughter, and it's definitely not an attempt to change the whole world for 
her.  It's just a basic consideration that the school really should be 
doing anyway.  Your daughter should not have to go without drinks for the 
whole dance.  Is she supposed to eat the pizza and popcorn (both salty 
foods) and have nothing to "wash them down" with?

Anyway, for me, I pretty much never drink sugary/carby drinks (regular 
soda, juice, etc.).  I know I could bolus for them, but I'd probably still 
get a blood sugar spike, and plus I just have no desire to consume that 
quantity of sugar and calories in my drink!  If I'm going to splurge and 
have something sweet, I'd much rather it be actual FOOD!  :-)

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