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Re: [IP] Junior High Dance . . .

>Dear Moira,
>I would fight for some diet soda not only for your daughter but for all the
>kids watching their weight out there, and there are plenty of them.  I am SO
>  DAMNED TIRED of hearing how bad "diet" soda is for my kids. Diet 
>soda does NOT
>cause cancer, that is absurd.  In fact, I would bet if we all, as a society,
>went diet, our life spans would increase (cancer causing chemicals and all). 
>That teacher should be shot.  There should always be diet soda at functions. 
>Phew, I'm done

Well I disagree, Dierdre.  First someone needs to explain to the 
teacher that many children are obese and in grave danger of becoming 
Type 2 Diabetics.  Also that the effects of non-diet drinks cause 
such immediately adverse reactions in a Type 1 diabetic.  Because of 
her disregard for this student's needs, a lawsuit could be filed 
against the teacher for her denying the civil liberties afforded that 
student under ADA rules.

A quiet call to the teacher without anyone else's knowledge should suffice.

If not, then she should be taken out and shot!!!     ;>p

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