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Re: [IP] Junior High Dance . . .

let your duaghter write a nice and polite letter to the editor, and copy the
school personnel, and mention the 'facts' (diabetics and dieters)  does hte
school have a soda machine?  diet in it?  she can make a case, an coome out
sounding mature and informed

of course, there is always the opportunity to volunteer to be on the food

----- Original Message ----- 
> Here's an informal poll: My daughter just started junior high this year
> the first dance is this Friday (gads!) She asked what would be served
> and she was told pizza, popcorn and soda. She asked if there would be diet
> and the teacher in charge told her there will be no diet because the
> ingredients can cause cancer. Lauren HATES regular soda (I Know I could
> tell her to bolus for it). Should I just let it go and tell her to skip
> drinks, or should I call and explain why they might want diet there?
> feels kind of upset about it . . . curious what you would do. I know I
> Cannot change the whole world for her.
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