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Re: [IP] Junior High Dance . . .

> Here's an informal poll: My daughter just started junior high this year
> the first dance is this Friday (gads!) She asked what would be served
> and she was told pizza, popcorn and soda. She asked if there would be diet
> and the teacher in charge told her there will be no diet because the
> ingredients can cause cancer. Lauren HATES regular soda (I Know I could
> tell her to bolus for it). Should I just let it go and tell her to skip
> drinks, or should I call and explain why they might want diet there?
> feels kind of upset about it . . . curious what you would do. I know I
> Cannot change the whole world for her.

they won't serve diet pop because the artificial sweeteners *might* cause
cancer, yet they serve regular pop even though it's just empty calories?

i think that i'd call the school and request that some diet pop be served.
i mean, there are probably other students who, while not diabetic, may
prefer diet pop or some other non-sugar pop drink.

on an amusing note, there was a woman at work who was under the impression
that aspartame was bad for you (not just because of the cancer scare)
because it was loaded with calories.  ??? sez i.  well, it's sweet, so it
must have calories.  ok, technically it does have calories, but you'd have
to take in a lot to get any significant amount of calories.

so, yeah, call the school.  i mean, why don't they provide bottled water or
juice? (yes, she'd have to bolus for the juice)
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