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 A minor miracle has happened in my eyes! Has anybody else had an experience
like this?
I was having difficulty staying asleep and started lowering my basal rates for
sleep time since I thought I was waking up pre-maturely due to a wakeup BS of
90-100. I lowered them all the way to zero for eight out of ten hours at night
with no ill effects. My CDE team suggested I might not need the pump at all
which surprised me at the time, but suggested as a T2 I might just need an
additional pill to go along with my Glucophage XR, two grams daily,  or maybe
just a shot of Lantus and a couple of pills.I was destined to get my latest
A1c results and asked my doctor about a possible change. His response as a
doctor with DM himself, and a fellow pumper as well, was essentially that your
treatment is working so don't worry about it. Well, I was too intrigued to
leave it alone and starting lowered my daytime basal rate down to 0.1 units
per hour and still no change in BS as a result. The next day I lowered my
daytime basal rate to zero units so at that time I had no daytime or nighttime
basal rate. My body still had no BS rise as a result from this yet I had still
been giving myself the meal time boluses. Encouraged by this last Thursday
night at 8:30 PM I gave myself a bolus for a snack and haven't pumped or
injected insulin of any kind since that time with my BS ranging from 84 -125
during that time although most readings are closer to 100.
Has anybody heard of a brief honeymoon period where your pancreas goes back to
work? and if so how long did it last?
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