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[IP] Fast food

I too recently had an experience with McDonalds where they screwed up my
order.  I order a double hamburger with no cheese and a Diet Coke.  I got two
double cheeseburgers with a regular Coke.  One of the burgers had a w/o cheese
sticker on it.  I've had them do this before so this time I called the 1-800
phone number on the bag.  They thanked me for alerting them to the problem.
They called a week later to find out if the franchise called me about the
problem... they had not.  But at least the corporate office was interested.
I've had similar problems with getting Coke's at Jack in the Box recently too.
I got one on my way to work one morning and left it in my car all day and took
it back that night.  I told the manager they gave me Coke instead of Diet Coke
and that I am a diabetic.  I told him his employees need to be aware that
there are people like myself who have medical conditions that can have real
problems if they drink a Coke unknowingly.  He was very apologetic.  From now
on, I always check my order before driving off.

Kathy G.
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