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[IP] Junior High Dance . . .

Hello all,

Here's an informal poll: My daughter just started junior high this year  and
the first dance is this Friday (gads!) She asked what would be served there
and she was told pizza, popcorn and soda. She asked if there would be diet
and the teacher in charge told her there will be no diet because the
ingredients can cause cancer. Lauren HATES regular soda (I Know I could just
tell her to bolus for it). Should I just let it go and tell her to skip the
drinks, or should I call and explain why they might want diet there? Lauren
feels kind of upset about it . . . curious what you would do. I know I
Cannot change the whole world for her.


mom of Lauren, 12, pumper

PS: We are on backorder for her new Cozmo . . . . she really wants a color
and they apparently have none in stock!
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