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RE : [IP] BK Breakfast meal (protean consumption)

this MAY BE related...(if not, sorry for wasting your time)
i was eating a fairly constant diner, with a so-called Known amount of carbs
(lets just say, steak and potatoes, and a green vegetable)
but, no matter how i calculated, i was always high 2 hours later
(i squared for the fat, and ate only Packaged things, like prepared rices, 
or potatoes, and frozen vegetables, just so i was as sure, as i could be, 
as to the amount of carbs i consumed)

after a visit with my cde (who is also my dietitian), she instructed me as 
do nothing , for the first 6 oz' of protean,
then , take EACH Additional OZ  as if it were 10 carbs
(so, in my case, a 5 oz steak, is 0, but an 8 oz steak, is 20 carbs)
it sure seemed like a lot, but, IT WORKED...

so, maybe a similar situation exist with you....
BTW: you (meaning everyone), might want to consider talking to a dietitian, 
about such matters...
all ill say is, it has helped me, numerous times, when i thought i was 
doing the "right-stuff",
but, in fact was not...

ah.... the computerized pancreas... a whole year, and im still learning how 
to use it.....
IT IS a wonderful item, but, "Human it aint"

as always ymmv,
use the idea, NOT the numbers ive mentioned, which apply only to me... not 
you... just me... ;-)

Happy Eating (oh... and fast food.....never get near the stuff, myself) 
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