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RE: [IP] BK Breakfast meal

Croissants are laden with fat as is sausage and probably the cheese, not to
mention the fat that the hash browns are fried in. It wouldn't surprise me
that it acts like pizza....look up a recipe for croissants....you'd be


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 I was curious if anyone else has noticed that some of the breakfast meals
Burger King (and likely others) affect the BGL in odd ways.

 I frequently get a Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant sandwich with hash
and a Diet Coke. The carbs advertised in the hash browns is 19 (although,
can vary greatly because they never have the same amount) and the sandwich
something like 28. 20 grams of protein.

 Anyhow, I give my normal bolus for this, and 3 hours later, my BGL is
high (nearing 300). My first thought was it was the variability in the hash
browns, so I tried just having the sandwich (adjusting my bolus
Sure enough...3 hours later, it is still high. I usually have to bolus an
additional 4+ units.

 So, I decided to square wave for the protein. But, this, under normal
circumstances, would only be 1 extra unit (using roughly half of the
Trying this, I still need a 3+ unit bolus 3 hours later. I then tried a
different sandwich...their Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bisquit. Same thing!

 I finally determined that if I give my normal bolus plus a Square wave of
3 units, my 3-hour post-meal is close to normal.

 So, my question is, has anyone else noticed this type of problem? Perhaps
is a case of the protein inducing the amino-acid arginine or something
I can't figure out what else could be that variable. There is no way the
croissant could be over double the advertised carb content...it's just not
big. It is behaving just like pizza...with the exception that, unlike pizza,
serving size of this sandwich is almost exactly the same everytime.

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