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DKA [IP] Diabetes Care article about DKA ????

> time, DKA developed very quickly. His blood glucose was 99 mg/dl at 10
> a.m. and 510 mg/dl an hour and a half later in the emergency room.
Does anyone here have this kind of experience? In 5 years of pumping I
have only had a few times that the pump or site suddenly stopped
working without my knowing it, and the only ones I didn't catch pretty
quickly were in the middle of the night.
This is quite atypical I am usually awake almost right away by thirst, stomach
cramps, dry pasty mouth and feeling just awful. an overwhelming amount of
chest pain I guess if I were a youngster I'd have problems with this but not
in my early twenties> Signs of DKA are nausea and vomiting, stomach pain,
fruity breath odor
> and rapid breathing. Untreated DKA can lead to coma and death. Dka is
generally very serious because of the imbalance of electrolytes that accompany
it. and its treatment. This case was probably published as a specific example
for teaching purposes. spot
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