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[IP] Re: Bolus Wizard: overaccounts for 'still active' insulin?

could it be that the higher you ar eare the less your insuiln works?

for example, i f I am at 150, a unit  will get me back down, but at 300, it
takes about 20 units...instead of 5 or so at 1 to 50).,,,it is a curve thing
for me :-)

----- Original Message ----- 

> Anyone else feel that way?  For example, if I am 400 2.5 hours after my
> last bolus, I personally still feel that I need a heck of a lot of
> insulin.  For the case in question, it decided I needed only a .2
> correction.  I know myself, and I knew I needed 3.0 and gave that
> amount.
> I understand it's only an estimate, but in the case of taking into
> account "still active" insulin, it seems this thing WAY lowballs the
> estimate.  Maybe that's just a way of minimed covering their asses by
> not advising too high of corrections?
> thoughts?
> s
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