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Re: [IP] insurance question

At 01:38 PM 10/12/03, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:
>My husband
>wants to know what precedents are out there that show that some
>companies cover more and that it is the company that decides what the
>insurance will cover. The person in charge of this at his company is out
>of the office until Monday but the people in his office are telling my
>dh that the insurance company decides what is going to be covered and
>how much and they can't do anything about it.
>Any info would help,
>Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03

I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan.  They offer different plans 
for health insurance.  It's up to the company to decide which plan they 
want.  There are also riders that can be added to each plan to give more or 
less coverage than what is specified in the plan.  So, as far as I see it, 
while the insurance company may designate the plans they will offer and 
what coverages are in each plan, it's up to the company to choose the plan 
they want to pay for.

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