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Re: [IP] Re: caffeine and glucose raising?

At 01:38 PM 10/12/03, Shawna wrote:
>I guess it's the whole getting up thing people talk
>about on the list, because I can wake up with perfect BG's, not eat or drink
>anything at all, and my BG will rise.  I eat my lowest carb meal in the
>morning because of this.  YMMV
>Dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02

I'm the same way.  I can get up in the morning with a great bg level and 
1-2 hours after rising (without eating or drinking anything) I will rise to 
over 200.  When I first went on the pump, my CDE was surprised when I did a 
morning basal fasting test.  I solved the problem for me by taking a "get 
out of bed in the morning bolus" since just changing basals won't work 
since that would require that I get up at exactly the same time every 
morning and I like a little flexibility in my life.  The bolus of 1 to 1 
1/2 units keeps me steady all morning.  YMMV.

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