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[IP] Chest as Infusion Site.

Hey Everyone,

 Okay, I had been having HUGE problems with my canula's kinking and having to
take my infusion sets out early. I was having problems EVERYWHERE! I'm a very
active person and go to the gym everyday, so I move around a lot...

 Well, I decided to try using the top (and later the bottom) of my breast. I'd
heard that some diabetic women do that, and I thought I'd give it a try.
Amazingly, I have had AWESOME success using this area. It is seriously the ONLY
spot that I can actually leave in for three days without any major kinking!

 Anyway, I know most people have the best success with their stomach, but I have
the best success with my breast. I was curious if anyone else does this and has
good success?? I also like that the breast is an area where no one will see the
red dots the canula's leave!!!

 Also, are there any other areas you guys use as sites that aren't necessarily
recommended or talked about? Any spot is a good place to try, the way I see it!!

I'm looking forward to your feedback.


Christina Hanford

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