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RE: [IP] insurance question

 --- On Sun 10/12, Faith < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Faith [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 10:39:55 -0500Subject: [IP]
insurance questionHi Pumpers,I asked my husband to talk to the person at work
that is in charge ofhow the insurance is laid out for the company every year. I
want him torequest that the DME be increased to $5000/year or even to unlimited
so that it will give us less out of pocket to pay for my nextpump. I know from
reading this list that some of you get 100% of allyour pump stuff paid. Any info
would help,thanks, Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03
 Faith,1) it depends on what size the company is. 2) depends on whether or not
you are dealing with union issues 3) depends on the insurance company itself. 4)
depends on how the company wants to lay out the expenses of medical across the
 Ok, 1) Smaller companies have fewer individuals to insure and therefor the cost
of insurance is higher. 2) I don't know if your husband is management or union,
but union shops have a heck of a time changing anything. 3) some insurance
companies just have limits themselves on what they will and will not cover. It's
called the *get over it* factor. From what I understand, (but not knowing from
personal experience) Kaiser Permante in CA is excellent...Cigna, from personal
experience, sucks pond water. 4) If the Board of Directors (large company) is in
a cost cutting mode (like my husbands company is) than there is not a danged
thing you can do but suck it up. We are getting ready to double our out of
pocket costs for copay's on prescriptions. And there is not a danged thing that
can be done to stop it. All we can do is batten down the hatches and get ready.

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