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[IP] basal rates and sleeping late

I'm going to go ahead and ask even though I know that this is really a
YMMV question.  My hours really change from a weekday to weekend.  I'm
up much later on the weekends and there for want to sleep later.  When
I first set up my pump they set up 11 different basal rates and one
profile, including compensation for the dawning phenomenon.  In fine
tuning my basal rate I have reduced a little here and there and now I
just have 5 different rates throughout the day.  I took out the
compensation for the high BG in the morning because it was making my
sugars go to low.  I don't think I have the dawn phenomenon right now. 
Does everyone have this all the time?  I'm ready to make a weekend
profile but I was wondering if this is really necessary.  If I just get
my basal rate right will I be able to sleep in?


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