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[IP] High BG when stressed

Gail wrote:
How does you deal with the stress induced high BG when
you're not eating?  Raise the basal or continue to
bolus to cover it?  Any hints, tips, tricks, or
automobiles are appreciated!

Gail, I would be careful not eating when you are stressed and bolusing to
cover highs when you have no food in your stomach. I used to do this and found
that I crashed later and felt like a goofus. I think under stress is a good
time to keep BG under control by eating correctly with the right foods to keep
your sanity and health in check. Take time out for yourself for a snack rich
in vitamins that strengthen your defense. You can do some do-ahead healthy
choices - cheese and crackers, baby carrots, celery and peanut butter, apples
with peanut butter, etc. that are good for you and will keep you BG more
level. I know I get weird when I don't care for myself and feel like heck
afterwards. Exercise also helps me burn off my aggressiveness and anxiety when
stressed. Some stress is good because it is a motivator, too little makes
people sluggish, too much will drive people crazy. Take time for yourself and
keep yourself in balance. Take care, Sharon B and Buckwheat
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