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[IP] RE: Insurance Question

Faith:  From a small business perspective, we are given a list of all the
plans from a certain company (say Blue Cross.) We then select the plan we
want, and the features we want.  So we end up selecting a pharmacy co-pay
plan, a physician co-pay plan, and the hospitalization part of the plan.
Usually you also have the choice of HMO or PPO for your employees.
However, each plan you have to choose from has a set DME. It's already
included in the "plan" and there is not an option to change that particular
part of the plan.
Example--we selected a plan with $10/20 pharmacy co-pay, $20 office co-pay,
and $500 hospital admission co-pay.  Included in that is DME 100 percent paid.
That DME could not be changed unless an entirely different "plan" was
selected. And I'm not even sure that within the organization we bought
insurance from, if there is any different kind of DME option (not that I would
want one since mine is so good.)
So, unless your husband's company is in the market for entirely new insurance,
I doubt there would be a chance of changing that.
It also depends on how big the company is.  If it were a small company, it
would probably be easier to make a suggestion about different options, but in
a larger company you most certainly would be going through different
departments to get things looked at.
I guess what I am suggestion here is that DME is not usually an option that
can be changed within the plan.  The whole package would have to be tossed
out, and insurance taken out with an entirely different company (or if
possible, with a different option within the same insurance company.)
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