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[IP] Insulin Pumps in India

- Insulin pump brings relief to diabetics</A>

Insulin pump brings relief to diabetics

Rajan Mahan

Saturday, October 11, 2003 (Jaipur):

Diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases today and at 33 million, India 
has the highest number of diabetic patients in the world. 

Diabetes requires regular supervision of specialist doctors, especially for 
patients who need constant intake of insulin for survival. Any lapse in a dose 
can be serious for such patients.

But now help is at hand for these chronic patients and it comes in the form 
of an insulin pump that has been introduced in India.

"Earlier I never went to play or study at my friends' homes as I had to take 
injections at fixed times. But after getting this pump I don't have any 
 problem since the pump gives me insulin easily," says Dushyant Katewa, diabetes

Simple operation 

The insulin pump is being displayed for the first time in India at the 
 National Diabetes Conference in Jaipur. At Rs 2 lakh its rather costly but
the pump is simple.

Doctors programme it according to the needs of every patient after which 
insulin is automatically released as and when a patient needs it.

"Once we programme this pump, it keeps releasing insulin whenever the patient 
eats. It gives insulin doses in right quantity and at the right time. So 
 neither the doctor nor the patient have anything to worry," says Dr Anant
diabetes expert.

Recent WHO surveys say that the number of diabetes patients in India have 
increased by 80 lakh in the past decade. 

And while there's still no cure for this illness the Insulin Pump clearly 
makes it a lot easier to lead a normal life despite diabetes.
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