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Re: [IP] Cozmo ordered!

At 10:54 PM -0500 10/11/03, Becky Fischer - computer moms wrote:
>  Anyway, after having ordered
>it and calling my husband to tell him the good news, I found that I was
>shaking and near tears.  Guess I am scared.  Thanks to this group I know
>I made the right decision, now it's really going to happen and I'm not
>sure why I am feeling this way.  Anyone else had a similar reaction?

It's sort of like changing careers right in the middle of your life. 
There is the dread of the "unknown" or the at least "un-encountered". 
I think that after a day or two of pumping that will quickly change 
to a "why did I wait so long!"       ;>)

Congratulations on your choice, Becky!  I know you've made the right 
choice and I hope you discover that yourself real soon!

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