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RE: [IP] Cozmo ordered!

It's a big step into the unknown and it would be normal to have some fears I
would imagine. Once you get the Cozmo just learn your pump backwards and
forwards so you will be ready to switch from MDI to the pump quickly. If you
haven't a copy of "Pumping Insulin" I would highly recommend you get a copy.
There is a link to this wonderful book on the IP website and I think the
book is invaluable. The more you learn the less fears you will have and I am
sure you will never be sorry you took this step. I've only been using an
insulin pump since July 9th and my biggest, dumbest
fear was inserting the cannula.....I got over that one after a few
insertions and all is well...
and I've never felt better.


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Just an update, I ordered my Cozmo pump yesterday and it is due to be
delivered the beginning of next week.  Of course my meeting to get
started isn't until December, but oh well.  Anyway, after having ordered
it and calling my husband to tell him the good news, I found that I was
shaking and near tears.  Guess I am scared.  Thanks to this group I know
I made the right decision, now it's really going to happen and I'm not
sure why I am feeling this way.  Anyone else had a similar reaction?

Becky - Cozmo has been ordered!

Becky Fischer
computer momsR
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