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Re: [IP] October 10th, a date which will live in ...

I do sort of remember the day I started my first pump, although I don't 
remember the delivery. It doesn't seem like there was much unusual with 
the start, and I'm not the kind who gets very excited.

gail d said << I do remember the day I was Dx'd - that's an easy one.>> 
Unfortunately I don't remember the actual day of dx, because I was 
unconscious with DKA. The last thing I remember is being driven to the 
ER by the doctor, who made a house call. Of course my mother went 
along, because I was only 10. But it took them a while to figure out 
that it was diabetes. Whether it was the same day, or the next day, is 
uncertain, and I certainly wasn't aware of what was going on. When I 
finally revived, they had my arm strapped tightly to a board to keep it 
perfectly straight for the IV and to make it extremely painful for me. 
Fortunately that's an area of medical technology that has seen a lot of 
improvement in 60 years.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 7/19/95, 508 9/9/00
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