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Re: [IP] Re: caffeine and glucose raising?

I would love to know how true this is because I only drink coffee from 8;30
to about 10. But I do drink two 20 Oz cup and that is when my sugar goes
over 220 to 250. and my basal rate at that time of the day is 3.5 I am
highly insulin resistant though, I have been on the pump for 2 weeks and
this is my most difficult time to control
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From: "Michelle & Howard Schlight" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2003 6:43 PM
Subject: [IP] Re: caffeine and glucose raising?

> After the discussion a week or so ago about BG level rising right before
> rising, or right after rising (maybe stress of getting up?) or after
> drinking coffee, I thought I would share a theory I overheard a few days
> For background, understand that we home school and that many, many people
> see in that 'circle' are very 'natural' don't see doctors very often, and
> eat lots of red meat and butter and have low cholesterol, etc
> Anyway, while waiting for son's debate class to be over, I heard a father
> telling another woman something like this:
> lots of people think coffee revives them, but really what happens is that
> caffeine is poisonous to the system and of course, with the poison coming
> in, the body has to send energy to fight it, and the liver releases
> and that most people who think caffeine energizes them, well the reason is
> the released glucose.....but caffeine does help keep you awake....
> I got busy pondering any possible validity to the statements, remembered
> comments someone  made on caffeine/rising BG levels and then when I tuned
> back in they had changed subjects.and I quit listening , as I was SO
> confused   :-)
> thought you might find it interesting (don't KILL the messenger)
> Michelle
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