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[IP] Re: Endo stuff

At 06:20 PM 10/11/03, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:
> > Well great, I have an appt for a Stress echocardiogram. Oct 28th at 11 am.
> > They say I can take all meds as normal, except for insulin until after
> >
> > I guess NO ONE READS THE REPORTS....They would otherwise see: INSULIN
> > PUMP.... Yeesh!
> >
> > Are the doctors getting dumber or is it just me?
> >
> > OK, what can I tell these dweebs, please ?
> >
> > Jenny Sutherland

Is that like a treadmill stress test?  I did one of those, left my pump on 
and allowed my bg to rise a bit to 160 before the test (since I always go 
low with exercise.)  After the test I was 95 and ready for breakfast.  I 
don't remember anyone questioning my pump.  YMMV.

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