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[IP] Re: caffeine and glucose raising?

After the discussion a week or so ago about BG level rising right before
rising, or right after rising (maybe stress of getting up?) or after
drinking coffee, I thought I would share a theory I overheard a few days ago

For background, understand that we home school and that many, many people we
see in that 'circle' are very 'natural' don't see doctors very often, and
eat lots of red meat and butter and have low cholesterol, etc

Anyway, while waiting for son's debate class to be over, I heard a father
telling another woman something like this:
lots of people think coffee revives them, but really what happens is that
caffeine is poisonous to the system and of course, with the poison coming
in, the body has to send energy to fight it, and the liver releases glucose
and that most people who think caffeine energizes them, well the reason is
the released glucose.....but caffeine does help keep you awake....

I got busy pondering any possible validity to the statements, remembered the
comments someone  made on caffeine/rising BG levels and then when I tuned
back in they had changed subjects.and I quit listening , as I was SO
confused   :-)

thought you might find it interesting (don't KILL the messenger)

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