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Thank You Jan!
I DO Take ALL My Meds And Stick to what I need to do, but my body is not
taking my kidney and that is understandable but when I do everything
possible to try to give myself the best life I can get(By taking all my Meds
and exercising, watching my BP,DM,and God Knows what), it is not an easy
task! most should know with having DM  I had my Kidney tx for 3 years
already and the DM is killing it off as well as many other things, but my
worry is that IF I do get the pancreas transplant to try to stop even
reverse some things of the DM, I might reject my new pancreas just like I
have with my Kidney.  Then I'm back where I started.  Who knows...


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> Also, did they give you a reason as to why your body rejected the kidney
> transplant?  Were you taking all of your meds that you were supposeYou md
> (the anti rejection ones?)

I think I'd be careful in a subtle guilt trip - blame the patient. We have a
young man at my dialysis clinic who had 2 transplants and rejected both.
Something about his body not accepting the foreign objects - allergic to
them. He'll be on dialysis the rest of his life and he's a teenager!

> From what I know of transplants, as long as you are taking your anti
> rejection meds and they gave you a good match, your body shouldn't reject
> the kindney transplant and it should last up to at least 5 years if not
> longer.

I'm not sure how long David said his tx lasted - perhaps it was 5 yrs or
longer. Not all tx's are successful. That's why they are watched so
carefully with monthly labs, etc.

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