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[IP] how many can actually remember the day they started pumping?

What a fun question!  As a mom, I celebrate each anniversary that Katie
started pumping (August 4, 1999).  First we praise God for the pump (which
we fought for because the endo's first response was "we don't put kids on
pumps" and she was only 8), then we go eat whatever she wants to eat,
wherever she wants to eat, and any time she wants to eat -- celebrating no
more schedules, no more limits of "4 carb groups for dinner which must be
eaten at 5:00," and of course NO MORE SHOTS!!!  The pump has allowed my
little girl to grow up so much more "normal" than MDI.  That we will
celebrate each year!!!
Alaska Debbie
Mom to Katie, 12, dx'd 9/97
Pumping w/Pumpkin since 8/99
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