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[IP] filling your reservoir using your infusion set

Hi folks!

This was going to be a panic email to our US pumping friends because a
friend of mine is on her way to Boston from New Brunswick Canada and she
didn't pack any reservoirs for her son's pump.  Lots of everything
else....just no reservoirs, save the one presently in the pump.  She called
me from the middle of nowhere. What to do!!!??  To make matters worse, she
is on a cellphone and is cutting out every few minutes.  During one of those
'out of touch' episodes I decided to try something I had never thought of
doing before.

Kudos to you if you have already figured this one out, but it is a newbie
for me and will be added to our Tips and Tricks list.  Necessity is the
mother of invention. This worked for me the first time I tried it but I
don't know if it will ever work again. YMMV!

If you have also done this successfully, could you puleeeeze let me know.
At least I will know it wasn't just a lucky shot.  No pun intended.  Well,
maybe a little one.

What to  do when you didn't pack reservoirs for your minimed pump (not a
Paradigm), and you are travelling OUT OF COUNTRY, and you are not near
civilization, and your son's reservoir just ran out, and you don't have any
of the needles from atop the reservoir to draw up insulin, but you have
packed a bunch of extra sils/comforts/tenders:

First - you panic

Secondly - pull over and turn on the dome light

Thirdly - take your silhouette out of its packing.  Remove the sheath from
the introducer needle but leave all tape in place.  With a steady firm push,
insert the needle from the silhouette into your vial of insulin. Carefully
remove the introducer needle, leaving the cannula in the insulin vial.
Attach the tubing from the silhouette to the infusion site which is hanging
from the insulin vial.  Next, take your empty reservoir and pull out the
plunger so it is full of air.  Hook the infusion set tubing to the top of
AIR IN THE VIAL.  Push the 300 units (approx) of air from the reservoir into
the vial gently and slowly.  Once you have done than, start drawing insulin
through the cannula in the vial, up through the tubing and into the used
reservoir.  I couldn't believe it actually worked  AND, when I withdrew the
silhouette from the vial the cannula was nice and straight and I actually
reinserted the introducer needle.  In a HUGE pinch, you might actually be
able to use it. In fact, I just tried reinserting the same silhouette into
the vial to see if it would work again (can't waste those things) and
goshdarn it, it worked again.

So, whether this is new to others or not, it sure was fun for me to find out
it worked!!  Although our daughter uses Quicksets, we always have a few sils
in her pumping bag, just in case.  Now I know they have multiple uses.

Happy Pumping!

Barb Chafe - mom to Erica, the Canadian Butterfly

www.insulin-pumpers.ca <http://www.insulin-pumpers.ca/>

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