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[IP] Re: October 10th, a date which will live in ...........

>  >>This is funny - especially coming from a person who can't think of a
>  >>to celebrate life and survival of 25/50 years of DM. YMMV??? <G>
> ill have to Re-read what i posted. I Thought mentioned the PUMP.....
> i dont think i mentioned, "Celebrating DM", (but i will check that out) ??
> And celebrating life............ i think i mentioned, more then a few
> times,  i do THAT every day

> From: len lutz <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re: certificate from Joslin ?

> well, ill restate it. Obviously, if they give you a certificate, for 25
years of dm, it
> must be for 25 years, of dm. i guess what i wanted to now then, is Why ??

> is it, because i (or anyone), lived that long ?? .. i just dont get the
reason ??


I completely agree with you.  I can not think of any conceivable reason I
would want a certificate, or medalion telling me something I already know.
What purpose would either serve?


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