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Re: [IP] Re: Endo stuff>

Had an echo today, had pump clipped to waistband of undies under skirt 
on rt side. (moved it from left side clipped to skirt band.  Site was 
upper abdomen, abit to right. Technician just asked what it was when it 
was on left side showing.
When I had stress tests, echos or whatever,  slipped pump between legs, 
another time, held it in right hand away from machine.  No problems.
If I think of it, I use the longest tubing for any tests/X-Rays I have.
It has never been requested I remove pump.
You are right Jenny, they did not understand what they were reading.  I 
think not taking insulin if on orals may be what they are used to!  Linda K

>>Well great, I have an appt for a Stress echocardiogram. 
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