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Hi David.

Why on earth does your doctor want you to have a pancreas transplant?  Are
you not on the insulin pump?  Is it not helping keep your b.g. under better

Also, did they give you a reason as to why your body rejected the kidney
transplant?  Were you taking all of your meds that you were supposeYou md to
(the anti rejection ones?)

>From what I know of transplants, as long as you are taking your anti
rejection meds and they gave you a good match, your body shouldn't reject
the kindney transplant and it should last up to at least 5 years if not

You mentioned that the kidney problem did not stem from the diabetes.  If
not, then why?

Lots of questions.

I can tell you my brother was diabetic for 36 years and finally was able to
have a kidney/pancreas transplant.  This March will be 4 years and he is
doing fine...had his done at University of Miami hospital.

If you want, you can e mail me back privately at email @ redacted

Don't despair!!!

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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