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Re: [IP] Re: insurance rules

At 06:25 PM 10/9/03 -0500, you wrote:
 >> > > It seems like every three months they have a new rule. >>>
 >> There is a logical reason for them doing this! You could have been
 >Cured!!! ;>P
 > If there were any chance of that I would be happy to cooperate, but in the
 >meantime, I  received a letter of Medical Necessity in 1998 and there has
 >been no change in
 >that Necessity.   And there WON'T be until there is a Cure!!!      :>p  >
 >Same with ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease meaning there are no more stages) -
 >and that requires dialysis. Our new insurance co. has refused payment of
 >$9,700+ for August's treatments stating *they need more information.* It
 >takes 7-14 days to die after quitting. Am I supposed to quit while they
 >investigate my medical need? arrrrgggghhhhhhh

Just so you know, in most if not all cases, unpaid medical bills are not 
considered when assigning your credit rating.  This is because the 
insurance industry is well known for not paying medical bills in a timely 
manner.  They try to float the cost--which is extremely illegal--hoping 
that the insured person will not squawk too loudly.

Ask them where in your contract of insurance it specifies that they might 
need more information before paying for the treatment.  Mention that you 
might write to the insurance commissioner about this.  Using the phrase 
'floating the cost' has been extremely effective for me.

Best wishes,

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