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[IP] Macs and the Importance of Proteins

As a side group, there are 70+ members who participate in a 
Distributed Computing project looking for answers to very complex 
medical problems.   Parts of the studies have been looking into 
Anthrax, Cancer and now Smallpox.  If you are interested in using 
your computers "idle" time, go to: 
http://www.grid.org/download/gold/download.htm      After downloading 
this 1.566 mg program it can then be configured to run only when you 
are not actively using your computer.   Please then Join the Insulin 
Pumpers team by going to:




All of the above is for Windows systems only.   If you are a Mac or 
Linux user the above project is not available to you.  But you aren't 
left out of this completely.   Instead contribute to a project called 
"Protein Folding"  This has similar basis as the Grid Project above 
in that analyzing one nanosecond of "folding" takes the equivalent of 
30 years of computing.  Here is an explanation of what they are doing:


To download the program (3.25 mg for OS-X) go to this URL


The Team Number for Insulin Pumpers is  10838  which you will enter 
into the Configuration Preferences when you start the program.

Besides showing our generosity to each other, please join one of 
these Team Projects to show that Pumpers care for the World!    It 
only costs fractions of a cent to contribute spare processor time for 
what may be the cure for Cancer, Anthrax and even Diabetes!

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: