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[IP] Re: simple choice

On Wednesday, October 8, 2003, "Cherie" <email @ redacted> 

> I tried the set last night on my daughter---it may be my imagination, 
> but i
> think the needle/inducer is fatter than the tenders that i usually 
> use.  She
> and i both compared the 2 different sets.
> I had a difficult time getting it in

I had a difficult time getting my sample simple choice 'easy' set in, 
also -- like a dull needle, although any difference in needle thickness 
was not obvious to me visually.   This is based on a sample of 1, but 
that's all they gave me.  The part of the set made of stiff plastic 
that sits on the skin is quite a bit larger than a sil/tender/comfort, 
and the part you squeeze to disconnect (located on the part with the 
cannula, not on the part with the tubing, as with the 
sil/tender/comfort) sticks out a little.  I am worried that I might 
catch it on something, which might possibly break it (the part you 
squeeze) off, and then I wouldn't be able to disconnect.  I even wonder 
if catching it on something might disconnect it enough to interfere 
with insulin flow without my being aware of it.

Did you all get your samples from Logimedix, or was there also another 
source?  I had signed up on the web site, as well as at a product fair, 
but all I got was 1 set, even though when they called I had explained I 
had been reacting to things, but sometimes it did not show up 
immediately, so that I wasn't going to be able to tell if I could wear 
one with only 1 sample.  The woman said she would try to send more, 
and, indeed, the envelope had a lot of stuff in it, but not things that 
were useful to me -- 3 reservoirs that fit an MM pump (she had asked 
what I use, and I had told her Animas), 2 adapters that seem to be to 
adapt the sil serter to fit the easy set, and a whole lot of paper 
<gr.>.  If anyone wants them....

Linda Z
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