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[IP] RE: simple choice

>From: "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted>
>Well, since the only problem I have with the Sils/Comforts is the nice huge
>needle, I didn't see any reason to try these.  I asked what was different
>was told packaging (no big deal for me), tape (I have no problem with Sils
>tapes even using my hot tub) and *not* needle size.
>It sounds to me like they are harder to use in some ways, so why bother?
- ----------------------------------------------------------
At least one other difference that appeals to me is their SmartTubing. It
does not have a double layer like current tubing. Whitish marks appear when
those layers get separated. That makes it difficult for me to see bubbles
when they appear, especially down near the site. Almost all the sets I get
now have this discoloration down near the end. I'm on a low basal rate and
find I get bubbles (small ones) that start at that end and move up instead
of the typical bubbles coming from the pump. I'm hoping these new sets will
make bubbles easier to spot.

I haven't tried SimpleCoices sets yet because I'm waiting for their Patch.
But if it takes much longer I may go ahead and try the Easy set.

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