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RE: [IP] simple choice

I've tried the Simple Choice sets and I love them as well.  I find that I
don't get the site reactions that I did with the Comforts.  No swelling at
the site and they seem to stay in much better.  I even wear them in the pool
when doing aqua therapy without them coming out.  At first it did baffle me
how to get the needle out.  (They forgot to send me the sheet telling me
that they disconnect backwards from the way that Comforts do) But once I got
used to them I really prefer them to any other set that I've used


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> Has anyone tried the simple-choice sets yet? I got 2 in the mail and i 
> really like them..Feels very "secure" on me compared to mini-meds... 
> Just wondering if any one else called for their free sample and tried 
> them yet...

I got some samples and I LOVE the packaging! Very minimal and easy to pack
for trips (which is what I did). You can fit a lot into your little pumping
supply bag. I will probably get them for travel just because of the minimal

My problem was that it takes two hands to disconnect. I didn't know that
before I inserted my first one -- 2,000 miles from home, while getting ready
to go to a wedding rehersal dinner. I had put the set back on my side, where
I  can't reach with both hands. By the time my husband got back to the room
and could give me a hand (literally) with it, I was panicing big time and
had called a friend and fellow IPer to see if she could go on-line and ask
if anybody had tried them to tell me how to get the end-clip off! LOL 

Other than that, they're wonderful! I do tend to put my sets where I only
need one hand to unclip the tubing. I'm a little leery of using sites other
than my tummy, and if I use the front of my tummy, I am always knocking my
sets out for some reason. I prefer my sides.

Jan and ElvisToo
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