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Re: [IP] Supplies and Insurance help

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> Reading the pumpers emails this evening prompted me to write on behalf
> of a friend who has been pumping for several years and now finds herself
> with only major medical insurance coverage since her husband is self
> employed. She called last night to say she may have to go off her pump
> as the supplies are so expensive without insurance to help with the
> cost.
> I have a couple of questions. 1 - Do any of you know of an insurance co.
> who covers people with diabetes at a somewhat reasonable cost? And 2 -
> Do any of you have any H-Tron supplies you are no longer using that you
> would be willing to part with?
> Thanks for any information!
> Linda
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Hi Linda,
     Could you tell me what pump she uses?  I use the disetronic H-Tron. 
I know with Disetronic, you can order supplies and make monthly
payments.  I had to do that for a while. As long as you make your
payment, you will never be turned away.  As for the insurance, I
don't know of any ins. co. who will be cheap because of the
pre-existing cond.  I know, it's discrimination, but they do it. 
Also, check online, there are several places that will donate a 30
day supply.  That may help your friend for a while.  I know if you
call the Accu-check company, and explain the situation, they will
give you 100 sticks for free.  They only do it once a year.  I
completely understand about the insurance woes.  Please keep me
informed.  Good Luck!!!

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