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Re: [IP] simple choice

In a message dated 10/6/03 8:05:20 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Has anyone tried the simple-choice sets yet? I got 2 in the mail and i 
> really
> like them..Feels very "secure" on me compared to mini-meds... Just wondering
> if any one else called for their free sample and tried them yet...

I got some samples and I LOVE the packaging! Very minimal and easy to pack 
for trips (which is what I did). You can fit a lot into your little pumping 
supply bag. I will probably get them for travel just because of the minimal 

My problem was that it takes two hands to disconnect. I didn't know that 
 before I inserted my first one -- 2,000 miles from home, while getting ready to
to a wedding rehersal dinner. I had put the set back on my side, where I 
 can't reach with both hands. By the time my husband got back to the room and
give me a hand (literally) with it, I was panicing big time and had called a 
friend and fellow IPer to see if she could go on-line and ask if anybody had 
tried them to tell me how to get the end-clip off! LOL 

Other than that, they're wonderful! I do tend to put my sets where I only 
 need one hand to unclip the tubing. I'm a little leery of using sites other
my tummy, and if I use the front of my tummy, I am always knocking my sets out 
for some reason. I prefer my sides.

Jan and ElvisToo
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