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[IP] Re: In Search of code keys for Accu chek

Oh, Kathie, don't you know that the first time you don't save one, you NEED
it?  LOL

I absolutely HATE the need for a code key, fine, we need codes, then let us
punch the number into the machine (what an idea)  However, I HAVE lost them,
and called the manufacturer, and if they had one, they sent one out.

I find that the large boxes with multiple tubes/vial of strips get me in
trouble.....I finish a vial, & can't find the one that was open (heck, can't
remember if I had one open) and open another box, with, of course, a
different code. ....so at least I know HOW I get in this predicament,
however a solution that works for me is savign unique numbered keys.
(partly, having them ensures that I won't need them LOL)

I have a large prescription bottle (opaque) that goes in the drawer where
dog meds go (for some reason THEIR stuff is much more organized than mine?)
and I haven't lost it (yet)

I did not have any of the ones that the person needs, but do have lots of

I admit, I am NOT organized, & have never been able to keep a house
spotless, I am labeled organizationally-challenged

----- Original Message ----- >
> I have been using Accu Chek Advantage meters for ten years now.  I can't
> imagine how one could lose a code key therefore I have never saved one.
> Kathie1432
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