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>Have had the same problem, high glucose & insulin dosen't seem to affect it
>at all!   After many sit/set changes I discovered that the reservoir insulin
>goes bad after about 3 days.  Happened yesterday afternoon (After about
>three days the BS goes up to the 250-325 range and no matter what I bolus it
>stays there)
>Now trying to figure out WHY???  I change out the reservoir (fill another
>from same vial of insulin)  and BS will drop about 80 mg/dl in a hour for
>every 1.0 units I bolus.   Now I'm wondering if maybe the reservoir in not
>The temp here in Dallas has not been that bad, upper 70's.
>I'm using Novolog insulin.
>Ain't it fun?

Don, I believe that would just be a site problem.  I regularly go 6 
or 7 days with the same cartridge of Novolog without any problems. 
Of course I am assuming that you are not working at the Trinity 
Industries metal working plants.  ;>)     There are sites that will 
just go bad shortly after the tubing gets tugged and the cannula must 
get moved about.  When you go over 400, then it is probably best to 
inject insulin so you won't have to heavily infuse a new site.   YMMV 
Gotten your sweaters out yet?    :>)

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