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[IP] tax dollars at work again

Some one was talking about there tax dollars at work and I tell you something
the will work for people other than Americans.   The company I work for will
be outsourcing the dept I work for and I will be without a job and  health
insurance,  I have called my doctor and looked everywhere for insulin for
people with type 1 diabetes.  I have found nothing and my doctor says I will
just have to find a way to pay for it or I will be without insulin.  I don't
think I will be on the Animas pump or any insulin after I loose my job.  I can
not afford the monthly costs of insulin and pump supplies, wife, 3 year old
and one on the way.  I looked for government stuff and nothing.  But the
Government will give Iraq 78 billion dollars to rebuild but to help out the
people in America fat chance.  They will 1st help other people in different
countries but when it comes to your own, good luck they would rather see us
die of diabetes and give the money to someone else and let us suffer.  Nice to
see my money going to help others when people who will be with out insurance
like me get to suffer and are told it you can not come up with the money to
support your diabetes then you will have to live with your high blood sugars
and deal with it.  Taxes in America work for the people who don't live in the
United States, this is such a nice thing.
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