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[IP] Re: Ohio BMV

Hi all,
 My 16 and 1/2 year old son recently got his driver's license. Our doctor fill
out the medical info and we had his Medical card about 6 weeks in advance of
taking the test. He passed his test and went to get the license and was turned
away because the worker could not authorize the computer to accept his
information. He gave me a toll number for the state of Ohio for me to call. I
called on my cell and was given the run around (it was a Saturday) Called again
on Monday about 15 time on my cell and got a busy signal. I finally got through
about 3 PM. Again I was given the run around because they could not transfer my
call to the medical dept.- they could only call me back and that could be 2 days
to 2 weeks! I was appalled. Your tax dollars at work right! Well to make a long
story short my local DMV helped me solve the problem and my son got his license
about 3 days after passing the test. We did have all the paper work- they messed
up. Has anyone else every had these kinds of problems? What is with a state
agency not having a toll free number. I must have spent 20 dollars in tolls. I
have written to my state rep and the BMV customer service center. Anyone else
with a medical disability ever been discriminated against. OK- I am venting but
please give me some feed back on your personal experience with your state BMV
Janet- mom to Kevin mm508 for 4 years. 
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