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[IP] Re: Eye Test

I had one of these a few weeks ago.  First they dialate your eyes, then they
take the pictures without dye, then they slowly inject the dye and take
pictures.  TONS of pictures.  The lights are very bright and it's really
hard to keep your eyes open.  I peed bright yellow for the rest of the day.
My skin had a yellowish tint to it for a few hours.  During the test I felt
really faint and dizzy, could barely keep myself in the chair.  I'm not sure
why, maybe because of the needle.  It's like getting blood taken only
backwards.  I felt very tired later and a little nauseated, but didn't
actually throw up.  No effects on bg's.  I have heard it's different for
everyone, though.  I would definitely have someone drive you, and don't plan
on doing anything afterwards.
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