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Re: [IP] Animas "taking advantage" of MM

>I think everyone misread my message.  Nothing about it was negative against
>Animas.  In fact, I think it is smart of Animas to "take advantage" of the
>situation!  I was merely posting this as informational and interesting.
>Yikes.  Even when I post something I get attacked on the matter!  Sorry I
>ever mentioned it.

Oh no, you seem to have misinterpreted what I wrote, Ryan.  I wasn't 
attacking you    ;>)   Merely pointing out that Animas had used that 
phrase for years before you had even started pumping.   :>)     I do 
find it interesting that you say that you were not posting negative. 
I will now presume that if you put something in quotes, i.e. "take 
advantage", "steal", that you are not doing this for emphasis, only 
that your words should be "taken with a grain of salt", or a great 
deal of skepticism.  Am I correct in this, or have I "misinterpreted" 

>(BTW, I have been to Animas' site many times in the past few years...this is
>the first time I have ever seen this page...so please excuse me if it has
>existed prior to this.)
>I'll leave now.  Sorry, I'm just annoyed at how rude people are being!

I'm not meaning to be "rude".  The point is that every pump that is 
"water/tight/proof" has the possibility of having that compromised. 
What is important is our safety if that should happen.  Some H-trons 
have proven to be unsafe in that they "over-bolused".   Now the same 
has been said of the Paradigms.  I want a pump that has the software 
checks to be sure that it is not capable of "over-bolusing".

>  >George
>(besides, it's not which pump will stay watertight; what's in 
>question is what happens when the watertight fails, H-trons and 
>Paradigms over-bolus, Animas does NOT, it has 'smart' safety checks)

George     :>)
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