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Re: [IP] Some brags on the pump....and a hint.

Dog agility.  It's on ESPN, Outdoor Life, and Animal Planet, from time to

Basically it's an obstacle coure for handler and dog.  It's lots of fun,
especially if you can actually run the course -- which the pump is helping
quite a bit on.

As to the hint part -- I keep everything organized in small bags.  These are
sturdy travel type zipper bags I got from the Container Store.  One bag, for
example carries all my batteries, another one is for "spare" sugar.  I have
another that contains spare stuff for changing the site.  I also use the
manufacturer bags for blood sugar monitor etc.

So last night, I pulled out a sheet of ink jet business card stock from
Avery, printed up "Please Return TO:" with phone number and address.  I put
a card in each bag, so if the bag drops out.
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